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Australia’s most eco friendly lashes  

The Daffodil lash is one of our standard half lashes, made out of a synthetic fiber, they are vegan and cruelty free and the next best option to our Eco lash if your looking for a cheaper option while also looking for something less voluminous. Half lashes are designed for people with smaller eyes or for someone who prefers a less dramatic or obvious lash. 

The beauty/makeup/skincare industry is a massive contributor to waste over the entire world so we are here to help prevent and lower wastage while still being able to treat ourselves to the beauty that we love.

Here how these lashes help our environment-

-Re usable 20+ times so they don’t need to be thrown out as often, as long as you care for them correctly.

-The packaging box it comes in its *mostly* made out of cardboard (the plastic components are unfortunately at this point necessary for quality control, but we are working on it!)

-All packaging that is used to send it to you is eco friendly or recyclable in some form.

We hope you love them as much as we do!






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